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7BC VC Fund

The 7BC token will represent ownership in the third VC fund of Andrew Romans after two very successful funds. 7BC is a Venture Capital Fund with a track record of home runs focusing on investing in and supporting tech businesses including AI, FinTech, software infrastructure, enterprise software, and consumer internet companies.

Tokenizer (Series A)

Tokenizer has created an end-to-end global security token offering (STO) platform covering issuance, management and secondary trading of securitized tokens at scale. Tokenizer’s goal is to become the unified platform for global security token offerings, a potential $11T market by 2025 according to McKinsey and the Company’s internal estimates.

Precious Metals High Yield Bull Fund – GAI

The Precious Metals (PM) High Yield Bull Fund offered by Global Alternative Investments aims to offer a high-yield, portfolio volatility-reducing strategy, by opportunistically benefitting from the sale of historically high PM ETF and PM equity index option time premiums. These premiums are set to grow from levels that are low on an intermediate basis, thereby providing increasingly higher yields resulting from the receipts of the ongoing option sales.

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